Break Free is a different sort of mobilization. Instead of small photo-ops everywhere or one big march, we’re concentrating our energy into a smaller handful of key strategic actions. We encourage you to find an action that’s within a reasonable travel distance and help organize buses, train rides, or bike-pools to the action from your community.

If there’s no action remotely near you, your community can join the mobilization by planning your own event and submitting it below (as long as it fits with the goals and values of Break Free).

Not every action will be approved by map administrators for inclusions. We reserve the right to make exceptions, but in general we’ll be evaluating actions for inclusion on the map based on the following criteria:

  • It doesn’t compete with a major event already being planned within 300 miles/480 KM
  • It involves working in coalition with partners and includes a strong focus on climate justice.
  • It supports an ongoing campaign that has a strategy beyond just being a spectacle and has a sense of strategic timeliness, and builds the capacity of the organizations involved.
  • It engages in escalation — i.e., includes more people at higher levels of commitment than have been undertaken with regards to the particular campaign and area up until now.
  • It creates leverage for a political ask — in other words, it must put pressure on someone with power.
  • It takes place between May 4 and 15.

Does the action you have in mind fit the bill? Then let’s get it moving: