Break Free From Fossil Fuels is a two-week global wave of escalated action to keep coal, oil + gas in the ground


Across the United States, in Washington state, Washington DC, New York, Illinois, Colorado and California, people took peaceful direct action targeting some of the most dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure in the country.

US Photo Highlights

Events in the U.S.

Instead of hundreds of events everywhere, Break Free is made up of strategically chosen actions from coast to coast — targeting key fossil fuel infrastructure, putting direct pressure on decision-makers to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and pointing the way toward clean, renewable solutions.

If you can’t join one of the major events happening this May, you are still needed. During Break Free, there will be a lot of courageous people putting their bodies on the line — let them know that world is standing with them and supporting them. Be a Digital Witness

Top U.S. Actions:

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